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From: "Dustin Cook" <>
Newsgroups: 24hoursupport.helpdesk,alt.comp.virus,alt.usenet.kooks,alt.privacy.spyware
Subject: Re: More evidence for Dustbin's CotM nomination (was: Re: OT; latest trend... blah!Re: My hijackthis file, please help me!)
Date: 28 Sep 2006 07:34:24 -0700
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Grand Moff Robert Buchanan wrote:
> I will now respond to a post accessible as
> by "Dustin
> Cook" <>:
> > At one time, I did take pride in the code, yes.
> That is so sad.

Code is art, Robert.. Nothing wrong with taking pride in your work.

> > This is all known,
> > however... Well, to anybody in av/vx circles. and alot of people here
> > on alt.comp.virus...
> Yeah, that amounts to something.

Well, it's of a higher calibre than say.. auk. :)

> >> If you had any sort of considerable fame, I'd probably have heard of
> >> you.
> >
> > Heh, my real name doesn't have the fame that raid/slam does. Perhaps
> > you've heard of Raid? Doesn't really matter. I'm almost positive if
> > you keep up on security risks and such, you've heard of my previous
> > malware stints... Some of them made big news blurbs and caused silly
> > "virus warnings" to crop up all over the place. Several university
> > websites still maintain pages on dealing with my work. Pretty sad,
> > considering their atleast 6+ years old now. Actually, my last virus
> > will be having a birthday in a few months; it'll turn 7. heh.
> Who gives a shit?

You obviously, or you wouldn't have made the statement I left above.

> >> And who were they?
> >
> > Nick Fitzgerald, Kurt Wisemer, Frederick Skulason (creator of f-prot),
> > 4Q (he still posts), and various other individuals, some of which have
> > passed away.
> >
> > We had much debate then; but it didn't really get as low as these
> > threads have become. You could learn so much and we could save so much
> > time if you'd just read the archives. It's like I have to walk you
> > from 1st grade up when you don't. :(
> It's not hard to get anything and everything out of you, is it?  I wasn't
> even using a spinner that time.

I don't mind answering your questions Robert, the information I've
offered is known anyhow; it's not a secret. It's a shame I have to do
some of your homework tho... Did you cheat much in school too? :(

> >> Are you this pretentious all the time?
> >
> > Your calling me pompous for asking if you played chess? How rude. :)
> Do you understand the difference between pretention and pomposity?

Yes, but the label isn't correct for me. Despite your witty attempt to
make it so.

> > Hmm. Well, if that was the case, I'd have poor grades when I went to
> > school, and I had nice grades, thanks. My essays were well written, by
> > hand even; I have some sloppy handwriting, I can tell you that. On
> > usenet, I don't worry about grammar; if you can understand what I
> > wrote, thats good enough. If your nitpicky enough to worry about
> > proper spelling, grammar, etc etc etc, you have no real business
> > reading usenet anyway. It's considered weak in many circles to nitpick
> > that and not answer the questions presented. You don't want to look
> > weak do you?
> "Leaping out of the water, they were!  You actually grasped one and
> tossed it to the deck!"


> > Well, I'm a technician. Computers is how I make my living. The skills
> > I have with them allow me to do many wonderful things. I can fix tvs
> > and vcrs too, but, unless it's a widescreen tv, most people will throw
> > them away. I fix those and donate them; I'm not a total bastard as you
> > seem to think.
> I have no respect for people who spam and post other people's personal
> information on USENET.

So you don't respect John Henry either then? He tried to out me, months
before I outed Rhonda. What's funny tho, is I didn't see the battle cry
of foul when he tried. Only when I did it. Hmm, double standard?

> > Depends on how much work I get done. :) For this area, (tn) I do very
> > well. For example, on some jobs, I make $200 an hour; on others, it's
> > smaller 40 or so. Just depends what I have to do. when I'm writing
> > micro controller code for a machine shop, my mininum (before I'll even
> > go) is $75 trip charge, and $250 an hour, if you have to watch it's
> > $325, and if you help, it's $375. :)
> >
> > I do have some bad habits and I'm not good with keeping track of the
> > money, so... (I tend to buy stuff I don't need), the r/c helicopter
> > for example. I bought it and retrofitted it with an asic
> > microcontroller and some relays. It's neat, actually. if your into
> > r/cs. I've also got an interest in engines now, so I'm learning as I
> > go with them. For example, an f100 fullsize bronco can sink.. lol! It
> > was fun tho! great fun. But the engine is ruined as far as my mechanic
> > is concerned, as is the fuckin drive line; that I paid a good chunk of
> > change for, and only had a week. :(
> >
> > I'm also tinkering with onboard computer engine control on some small
> > hondas.. Think fast and furious.. I have a working automated 3 stage
> > nos system on a friends. It refuses to engage until the manifold is at
> > a certain temperature AND the pressure is right. The idea being that
> > he doesn't kill the motor too soon. It won't prevent a spun bearing on
> > the crank shaft or a lifter giving out, but it's a start.
> You remind me a *lot* of somebody I knew two years ago.  PJR and other
> auk regs who were around at the time and who are familiar with my
> contributions to the field of kookology will know who I'm referring to.

Two years ago, I didn't know auk existed. kookology is a fancy word for
troll; You actually teach trolling methods? Or, contributions? :)

> I used Info-ZIP five years ago on an 8088 running DOS and a 286 running
> Minix.  It didn't have any problems on either of them, and that 640k
> limit was strictly enforced on the older of the two antiques.

Do you know how much ram it actually used at the time was my
question... :)

> > I know your not a programmer, so I won't as rhonda puts it snipe you..
> > If it's using the same compression libraries, than it can handle the
> > same filetypes. Those libraries are doing the real work, the port is a
> > gui/console shell for the control of the libraries.
> What I meant was that I don't know that the RAR archivers that I used in
> Linux and OpenBSD used *all* of the same libraries as the programs you
> used in DOS and Windows.  See:

The compression/decompression library has to be present in that code or
it simply won't work. The fact you didn't know rar handles zips isn't
my concern, the fact you have to find ported copies that may lack .zip
support to defend your statement, is weak indeed. :)

The original rar archiver by it's author handles zips and a variety of
other formats.

> If those can extract ZIP files, I'll eat my hat.

I don't know if those specific examples can or not, they aren't the
original deal anyhow, so it's a mute point.

> > I'm sorry, I didn't know you didn't know about booting a dish/directv
> > card. I assumed you knew what I meant. My bad. I spend alot of time
> > around electronics and computers, they don't have a problem with my
> > personality. :)
> I think you just summarized everything I'll ever need to know about you.

electronics scares you huh? :) I bet you still have a vcr at home
that's blinking 12:00 :)

> Thanks, that's a very original and enlightening axiom.  Did you think
> that one up yourself?

Are you having a hard time staying on topic Robert?

> You snip everything that I point out about you that's particularly
> embarassing, be it your horrid grammar or my speculations regarding your
> personality disorder.  You're not fooling anyone.

You don't embarras me in the least Robert. I snip everything that's not
on point for the discussion, which is zip files and why you think