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Newsgroups: comp.lang.tcl
Subject: Tcllib 1.9 Released
Date: 4 Oct 2006 10:18:46 -0700
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tcllib is a Tcl-only library of standard routines for Tcl (no
compiling required). This release is a minor version change which
fixes numerous bugs and provides enhancements as well.

Tcllib 1.9 release notes

Hello World, welcome to Tcllib 1.9.

This release is a minor version change which fixes numerous bugs and
provides enhancements as well, to existing modules, and via newly
added modules.


The released distributions can be downloaded from


Available are gzipped, zipped, and bzipped tarballs, and a starkit.


* For the starkit and starpack just execute the file and a GUI based
  installer will pop up. Fill out the paths, then run the installation.

* For the tarballs unpack them in some directory /foo, then run the
  file "/foo/installer.tcl". This will invoke the same installer used
  in the starkit and starpack.

  Note: While the installer will open up a GUI by default (and if
  possible), a command line based installation is provided too. Run the
  installer with the option "-help" to see what is available.


Many thanks to

Aaron Faupell <afaupell at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Andreas Kupries <andreas_kupries at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Arjen Markus <arjenmarkus at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Benjamin Riefenstahl <b dot riefenstahl at turtle-trading dot net>
Bob Techentin <techentin at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Brent Welch <welch at ajubasolutions dot com>
Brett Schwarz <schwarzkopf at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Colin McCormack <coldstore at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Dan Kuchler <kuchler at ajubasolutions dot com>
David N. Welton <davidw at dedasys dot com>
Don Porter <dgp at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Donal K. Fellows <fellowsd at cs dot man dot ac dot uk>
Eric Melski <ericm at ajubasolutions dot com>
Gerald Lester <gwlester at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Jeff Hobbs <jeffh at ActiveState dot com>
Joe English <jenglish at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Johannes-Heinrich Vogeler <vogeler at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Kevin Kenny <kennykb at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Marty Backe <marty at lucidway dot org>
Melissa Chawla <hershey at scriptics dot com>
Michael Schlenker <mic42 at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Miguel Sofer <msofer at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Pat Thoyts <patthoyts at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Peter MacDonald <peter at pdqi dot com>
Reinhard Max <max at suse dot de>
Ross Mohn <rpmohn at panix dot com>
Sandeep Tamhankar <sandeep at scriptics dot com>
Scott Redman <redman at scriptics dot com>
Scott Stanton <stanton at scriptics dot com>
Steffen Traeger <Steffen dot Traeger at t-online dot de>
Stephane Arnold <sarnold75 at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Steve Ball <Steve dot Ball at zveno dot com>
Will Duquette <will at wjduquette dot com>

and all the people who submitted bug reports and patches.

Bug reports, patches, requests for enhancements (RFEs)

Please submit bug reports, patches and RFEs at

[Bugs]    <>
[Patches] <>
[RFEs]    <>


 47 new packages in 9 new modules and 8 modules with new packages.
 58 changed packages.
105 unchanged packages (or non-visible changes, like testsuites)

New in Tcllib 1.9
                                        Tcllib 1.9
Module          Package                 New Version     Comments
------          -------                 -----------
base32          base32                          0.1     Base32
                base32::core                    0.1     standard and
                base32::hex                     0.1     hex forms
------          -------                 -----------
bench           bench                           0.1     Benchmarking
                bench::in                       0.1     generation,
import and
                bench::out::csv               0.1.1     export of
                bench::out::text              0.1.1     information
------          -------                 -----------
fileutil        fileutil::traverse              0.1     find iterator
grammar_me      grammar::me::cpu::gasm          0.1     graph asm for
ME vm
------          -------                 -----------
interp          interp                          0.1     Interpreter
                interp::delegate::method        0.2     runtime
                interp::delegate::proc          0.2     delegation
------          -------                 -----------
json            json                            1.0     JavaScript
Object Notation
ldap            ldapx                         0.2.2     OO wrapper
around ldap
------          -------                 -----------
math            math::bigfloat                  2.0     Large FP
nmea            nmea                            0.1     NMEA gps
otp             otp                           1.0.0     RFC 2289
One-Time Passwd
------          -------                 -----------
page            page::compiler::peg::mecpu      0.1     Generator for
MEcpu code
                page::gen::peg::mecpu           0.1     and graph-based
------          -------                 -----------
sasl            SASL::XGoogleToken            1.0.0     X-GOOGLE-TOKEN
------          -------                 -----------
term            term                            0.1     Low-level
                term::ansi::code                0.1     control, mainly
                term::ansi::code::attr          0.1     codes, some
                term::ansi::code::ctrl          0.1     processing.
                term::ansi::code::macros        0.1
                term::ansi::ctrl::unix          0.1
                term::ansi::send                0.1
                term::interact::menu            0.1
                term::interact::pager           0.1
                term::receive                   0.1
                term::receive::bind             0.1
                term::send                      0.1
------          -------                 -----------
textutil        textutil::adjust                0.7     Textutil
                textutil::repeat                0.7     split into