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Subject: Strange Bedfellows Ken Kellogg (Felon & Spammer) & Frank W. Ulmer Jr.
 "Baton Rouge Inbred" aka "ithink@yourmomisacunt"
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On Monday, January 6, 2014 9:58:17 AM UTC-6, Victor Williams aka *ME* Darre=
ll Larose wrote:
> On 1/4/2014 17:43, Jessica wrote:
> Can I ride you too??

> (vw)

This is getting crazy.  We want that Tough Texan so bad that we will lie an=
d then compromise our HYPOCRITICAL values.  I guess we are SCUM!!

Compliments Of Darrell Larose=20,=20


Now, Associated With Well Known Spammer, Felon, & Former Adversary..Ken Kel=

 Kook FAQ
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Buy a No Soliciting Sign
 That Really Works!

 Ken Kellogg - flakey714=20
 Ken Kellogg - Cyberstalker

aka flakey714
aka "kennynotof So Park kellogg"

Ken Kellogg
 811 Billings St,
 San Leandro, CA 94577=20

When Ken Kellogg aka flakey714 posted my real name and address, he gave up =
his own right to privacy, and justified the posting of the same information=
 about him.=20

When Ken Kellogg took text from one of my web sites and posted it repeatedl=
y in multiple newsgroups without my permission, he gave me the right to use=
 anything he has ever posted on the internet -- like his picture.

Ken Kellogg aka flakey714 describes himself as, "A mostly single, semi-reti=
red, Californian, college educated, and loving pet owner."=20

He also said, "Went to SJS" (that's San Jose State) "and lived near campus =
from 66-69, then lived near Eastridge for several more years, but work (as =
a chemist) called me to San Leandro where I've been for some 35+ years"

And yet, Ken's obsessive and aggressive behavior in newsgroups indicates th=
at he is attempting to compensate for low self-esteem, frustration with asp=
ects of his personal life over which he has no control, and depression.


Ken Kellogg aka flakey714 is a serial stalker and spammer who is currently =
stalking the single-issue Kook Tom Hennessey by dogging everything Hennesse=
y crossposts with a few stock responses repeated over and over again. He ha=
s been asked numerous times to explain exactly what he hopes to accomplish =
by people who would try to reason with him, but has no answer except additi=
onal attacks on Hennessey and hostility towards anyone who asks.

While it is easy to understand the frustration that many feel towards Tom H=
ennessy for his inane postings and how it drives some to confront him, dogg=
ing his posts in a systematic way in the manner that Ken has carried on for=
 several months now amounts to stalking. And the repetitive nature of Ken's=
 replies far exceeds the guidelines set forth in The Breidbart Index for de=
termining what constitutes spam.

It should be obvious even to the most incompetent observer that stalking a =
Kook is counter-productive, since Kooks love any and all attention. What dr=
ives Ken to stalk Hennessey becomes clear when one examines Ken's posting h=
istory. Ken Kellogg aka flakey714 has stalked others in the same manner. He=
 has been stalking some guy named "Dave" for more than five years in many d=
ifferent newsgroups.=20

This is a typical example:

From: "ken as always" <>
 Subject: dave you fucking piece of uneducated crap
 Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 08:51:28 -0800
 Lines: 5
 Message-ID: <>
 > .Fuck you, fuck yo mama and fuck your imaginary god

And here is what one person, who obviously has observed Ken's stalking over=
 an extended period of time, said of Ken:

From: "RobertMcNabb" <>
 Newsgroups: rec.outdoors.rv-travel
 Subject: Re: Its time to post
 Date: 13 Nov 2004 17:12:05 GMT
 Message-ID: <>

 ken, who's addy is flakey714, has posted over 3000 times (check out on
 Google if you doubt the numbers) and 99% of those posts have been in
 pursuit of "Dave". Let's acknowledge that Dave is an evangelical and
 may be a nuisance for some, for sake of arguement. Let's even call
 Dave a troll.

 For ken to be so passionate over Dave is itself a pretty wierd thing
 to watch. His (ken) posts are full of gutter language, enough to have
 TOS'd him from He's way beyond being identified as a

Ken has used sockpuppets to respond to his critics. One example:

 Subject: Re: Report Ken for spamming
 Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2009 08:38:15 -0800 (PST)
 Message-ID: <fec5b561-4398-4ceb-9427-0bab8c86c855@r41g2000prr.googlegroups=
 On Feb 7, 10:13=3DA0pm, "Juba" <> wrote:
 > Once again, I invite everyone who is tired of seeing Ken's spam to join
 > me in complaining to his service providers. This message contains all of
 > the information you need to file a complaint against him.

 How has all that worked out for you so far, FOOL
 Perhaps you should consider the OCB suffering SPAMMER Tom Hennessy as
 the cause off all this crap, or are you just too fucking stupid to
 understand WTF spam is, ya fool

 You have sure made a huge nurmber of enemies. I'm gladly join the Juba
 Hater's Club

 Juba is : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 San Diego , CA .



Ken has already lost at least two accounts for stalking.=20

In 2004, he admits he lost a WebTV account:

From: "ken as always" <>
 Subject: Re: adult dvd's
 Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 07:56:55 -0800
 Message-ID: <>
 I am sending this post to compliance@webtv If those assholes can dump me
 for off topic posts to the McNassholes, then they can fucking dump dave to=

And in this 2008 message, someone else reminds him of an account he lost "a=
 year ago"