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Newsgroups: alt.politics.scorched-earth
Subject: Re: Eagle might like this too!
From: Dustin <>
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Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2011 18:00:13 GMT
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ASCII <> wrote in news:4eb8c159.546406@PEACE:

> Dustin wrote: 
>>ASCII <> wrote in news:4eb644d6.518687@PEACE:
>>> So you have enlightened the masses, how charitable ya schmuck
>>enlightened who? only really stupid fuckers (read: you) don't already 
>>about what I explained. Mebbe you know it as a hostile takeover. Sheesh,
>>I've known about that stuff since I was a kiddo! 
> You're still a kiddo

Doesn't matter, so long as you remain the student.
>>What did you do in the military? front line work because you weren't
>>useful for anything other than a grunt? 
> Nice try phishing, not working for you this time 
> If you're so skilled, why not hack my MOS off the DD-214 

No phishing, nice avoidance try. 

If you think I have no skills, post with your real name. :) 

LOL. It's rhetorical. 
>>LOLz! You wish that was the case. We have pcbutts docs, fully dropped. We
>>have BD's phone number dropped, followup confirmation via a shared jpeg
>>post that he knew we had him. Period. 
> So you know someone's phone number, very impressive, not 

Nice avoidance try again, but you see, I obviously have street address, 
employer address (BD is no longer "employed"). More than a "phone number" 
I'm afraid, goading prick.
>>You got schooled. 
> If I ever get schooled, it won't be from some dunce like you

You're learning something new each time I post and take you to school. 
Don't bother trying to spin it as anything else, you aren't that good.

Walking on a Razor's edge, so hard for me to find my way home. How could it 
have come to this? So hard to pick the right from the wrong. I can't try to 
hide behind myself anymore. I can't try to reason with the pain and the 
torture. So I will grab hold to forever and walk right through this open 
door. Walking on this lonely road, the heartbreaking pain at my side. 
Without two arms to hold me, nothing but the chain of goodbyes.