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From: Dustin <>
Newsgroups: 24hoursupport.helpdesk,alt.politics.scorched-earth
Subject: Re: morgan plays both sides again..
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2013 23:00:15 +0000 (UTC)
Organization: You must be joking
Lines: 66
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G. Morgan <> wrote in 

> Listen Dustin, 

I'm listening...
> You stay on your side of the street, I'll stay on mine.

uh huh.
> I don't particularly like you.  I offered to kick your tooth in for
> you *twice* and you backed down both times.  Since then I've gathered
> a great deal of personal information about you.  If you thought that
> GSV BD dropped was bad, you aint seen nothin.  Your new address
> hasn't had a Google car drive on the street, but there is a nice
> satellite view.  

Are you seriously fucking threatening me? Listen, I've had some RL shit 
go down quite recently; I'm not in the mood for BD like games with you.

what new address? Listen, all bullshit aside, I'll turn your RL world 
completely upside down. I was *playing* with BD. I won't play with you.
> Pizza anyone?  Yeah, I can fake your caller ID too.  Maybe even send
> a bunch of postcards to your neighbors, you can only imagine what I
> can come with.

Morgan, You really don't know the abilities I've got or the lengths I'll 
go thru to make a point. Don't continue down this path. Don't give me a 
> That telephone number you have on me -  just VM now.  I got a new
> number just today with my new bad-ass phone.  2Gz - proc. inside a
> phone, can you believe that shit?  That's faster than your fastest
> DT, IIRC. 

Are you dumb, daft, slow or what? I already told you I don't have your 
number anymore. I don't make any effort to contact you.
> Maybe I'll put NewsMeastro on the old one and hide it in the ceiling
> @ McD's.  That should be a hoot!

Maybe I'll just come visit you in person. I'll soon thanks to some RL 
issues not only have the finances, but a vehicle completely unknown to 
you as well. What's to stop me from rolling up, popping off a few rounds 
and driving home? 

Nothing is the answer to that question. fuck off morgan.


My take home pay isn't enough to take me home!