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From: Diesel <me@privacy.invalid>
Newsgroups: alt.politics.scorched-earth
Subject: Re: Obama's Speech
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 16:45:18 +0000 (UTC)
Organization: If you can't Dodge it...Ram it!
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Eagle <> news:m9r7sb$2t4$ Thu, 22
Jan 2015 16:18:47 GMT in alt.politics.scorched-earth, wrote: 

> After serious thinking Diesel wrote :
>> Eagle <> news:m9r45n$j7l$ Thu, 22
>> Jan 2015 15:15:31 GMT in alt.politics.scorched-earth, wrote:
>>> I'd say that was a given, Jax. Any idiot like dusty that makes
>>> goofy statements like he does needs his little diaper wearing
>>> buttocks whomped.
>> *yawn* Your geriatric ass is in no condition to whomp anyone. 
> Mybe not, but I can watch your scrawny ass get whooped and laugh
> about it.

*larf* Things won't work out that way for you.

> Think of it this'll get to see Me...I may be standing
> close by as you bleed, but you'll know Me in person. Now won't that
> be a good reason to get drunk, dusty? lol

Actually, you'll be on your knees watching your friend bleed out from 
various bullet exit holes.  Make any effort to move, you'll join him.

Refuse to comply with my orders when I shoot your hostile friend, I'll 
just drop you too and wait on the police to arrive so they can do the 
paper work. Either way, bro, fake indian, whatever, I've got a legal 
right here to use lethal force to defend myself. 

As your friend already tried to attack me and you were with him and 
you set this up previously, you'll get on your knees with your hands 
on your head, or you'll drop with your friend. I won't ask you a 
second time. I use double stack magazines for a reason. I don't like 
to deal with reloading and I like to be sure I have plenty of rounds 
for center mass firing. The last thing I want to do in a fire fight is 
run out of ammo before the other person does.

If you attempt to get up from a kneeling position, the coronor will 
need to send another van. Your brains will likely make quite a mess as 
they leave your skull. A high powered pistol round at close range has 
a tendency to vacate the contents of your skull.

I carry asshat. I won't think twice if you approach me in a hostile 
fashion, and yes, I'd recognize you. I'm aware of my surroundings when 
I'm out and about. If you attempt to sneak up on me, you'll get shot. 
I do not shoot to wound, I shoot to kill. I will continue firing until 
you are dead. 

If you attempt to use a knife at me, you'll get your fucking head 
blown off. EoD.

As you've already threatened me, consider this your first and only 
warning. If you come to the state of TN looking for trouble, I'll send 
your dead ass home in a body bag and your estate can cover the 

[XNA off for preservation in the event you die in the state of TN in 
the future and questions are raised]

My truck does not leak. It's just marking its territory!