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Path: ...!!!!!.POSTED!not-for-mail
From: Diesel <>
Newsgroups: alt.politics.scorched-earth
Subject: Re: came across a quote from Diesel
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2015 23:47:54 +0000 (UTC)
Organization: If you can't Dodge it...Ram it!
Lines: 90
Message-ID: <>
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Injection-Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2015 23:47:54 +0000 (UTC)
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Eagle <no@not now.ever> news:mviu6o$ur3$ Tue, 13 Oct
2015 12:44:06 GMT in alt.politics.scorched-earth, wrote: 

> Diesel wrote :
>> WRONG. It had nothing to do with those specific words
> Yes it did. I ignored you then and continued to do so. BD posted 
> something about your goofy evil ass and I replied with "THE TRUTH
> WILL OUT". It was then you opened that sto0pid code shit and doxed
> some of My family members.

sigh.. NO, again, those specific words weren't the reason you were 
finally dox'd. They were the last straw for it, though.

> That was one of the sto0pidest moves you have ever made dunzel.
> Four words and you made a complete dickhead of yourself once more.

No... Here's what went down which lead upto most of the encrypted 
file content released:

Your first post:

Message-ID: <mu12ob$ths$>
PS...don't bother dustin, you are blocked and will stay blocked.

** end MID paste

MID: <>

> PS...don't bother dustin, you are blocked and will stay blocked.

I don't like repeating myself... My initial reply seems to be stuck? 
on ES... Which is fine. I'll just summarize this one for you.

I don't mind if you ignore me, or, don't wish to read any replies I 
might leave for you. (I had no plans of entering this thread, I could 
care less about the problems you're having) However, I've already 
told you about the respect issue. dustin is no different than your 
derogatory comment, dunzel. 

If you do it again, I'll go ahead and decrypt that file I posted that 
contains details on your niece that I didn't previously publish. I 
will *knowingly* allow others who have nefarious intentions ride her 
credit line into the ditch for her. 

That file contains details which allow for that on her and her 
mom/dad and various other loved ones. Essentially, it contains most 
of your family tree with all the needed information to be any of them 
on paper. This is your one and only warning you'll get concerning 
this subject. Don't intentionally disrespect me again or I will 
provide the keys to that file and allow it to be read by everyone 
interested in learning more about you and your loved ones. 

I thought we had this issue resolved with your niece and that phone 
call. Now that you've had a chance to recooperate you're feeling 
froggy? Jump then.

** end MID paste

Message-ID: <muc38m$vih$>

dunzel jacked off and laid this down on his screen :
>  This is your one and only warning you'll get concerning
> this subject

Fuck off dunzel, you child-like fucktard. Everyone knows whut a 
meathead you are, so pound your pud and get off boi.

** end MID paste

Do you really need to see any more MIDs? :)

> Learn what? 

To quit running that dicksucker. It gets you into trouble.

> enemies you have now? You don't impress Me one bit dunzel. You are
> a keyboard jockey and a wimpy little coward.

This 'keyboard' jockey can make you and your loved ones miserable for 
years to come. Likely long after I'm dead and buried. MUAHAHA. And, I 
will too.

> Get lost punk.

Not just yet. :)

Optimist: Someone who doesn't know all the facts yet.