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From: Diesel <>
Newsgroups: alt.politics.scorched-earth,,alt.comp.freeware
Subject: Re: (OT) What BD is really like
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2017 11:57:08 -0000 (UTC)
Organization: If you can't Dodge it...Ram it!
Lines: 105
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"David B." <DavidB@nomail.afraid.invalid>
news:v8zqA.374335$m17.253342@fx03.fr7 Mon, 20 Feb 2017 10:02:02 GMT
in alt.comp.freeware, wrote: 

> On 20/02/2017 00:29, Diesel wrote:
>> "David B." <>
> [....]
>>> Dustin was (IS?) pissed off because I tracked down his Lab from
>>> information which he, himself, provided. THAT was stupidity!
> [....]
>> You didn't discover or track down anything about me.
> Yes, Dustin - yes, I did. Ask Uncle Monster. *HE* knows the truth.
> :-) 

No, you didn't. You converted another address, provided to you via an 
obituary post. Who the fuck takes advantage of the loss of a loved 
one in that manner to stalk other family members? You and your fucked 
up sorry excuse for humans you choose to associate with.

Prior to that, you converted another address posted on usenet into a 
gsv and asked if that was my house; years before any video was made 
available to you. The video is from 2011. 

It resulted in your meatspace being published, thanks to you being 
stupid enough to use your real information when you obtained your own 
domain name. So if you want to bring stupid up, that was VERY STUPID 
of you.
Now, you're attempting spin what you did years ago as something 
you've done recently. Which, isn't the case. You didn't track down a 
damn thing. You and a few other lusers took advantage of a loss in my 
family and rolled with it. I'll never forgive you for that, David.

>> As I told Aardvark years ago, you paid him lip service when what
>> you did came up during a discussion you had with him.
>> Prior to GM's departure from this world, he confirmed that the
>> information you've tried to provide was not accurate. He knew
>> this because he was able to use the post office and mail
>> something to me. I trusted him, he had good docs on me. You, heh,
>> never have. 
>>> Evidence?
>>> 3h 
>>> ,84.93t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sXZsMA7K2AiSI1yscUpahuQ!2e0!7i13312!8i
>>> 66 56!6m1!1e1
> Damning evidence, I'm sure you'll agree.

Wrong address. That was pointed out to you the first time you did it, 
years ago. Where you fake apologized for having done it and falsely 
claimed you understood why I got so pissed off at you for having done 
it. And here you are, trying again, only with a new 'story' trying to 
prop yourself up as some kind of cyber detective.
>> I'm weapons free if you're game, David. I'm all in, bro. Come get
>> you some.
> I don't know what that means, Dustin. <shrug>

Is google broken? What it means is, if you want to do doxing wars 
with me again, I'm coming for Eagles tree and Jenns, and, unlike last 
time, there will be no peace treaty. Remember, asshole, Jenn spent 
time in the hospital over the last war. She really couldn't handle 
the stress. I have absolutely no problem bringing her stress levels 
that made the previous ones a walk in the park. Do you suppose her 
heart is upto it this time? GM told me she had to goto hospital 
thinking she was having a heart attack last time I dox'd her. Or 
maybe it was the swingers sites she was signed up too. That probably 
generated a lot of unwanted phone calls, emails, and possible in 
person visits. I have no problem completing the mission this time.

And, maybe, just maybe, the next obituary post we get to see will be 
hers. I'd be okay with those results. How about you?

Careful where you tread, David. I will have the last laugh at your 
and your friends expense. I'll see this thru to the bitter end. GM 
isn't around to broker a cease fire this time around.
> "Itís never okay to download unauthorized music from pirate sites
> (web or FTP) or peer-to-peer systems, such as BitTorrent.

I don't.
> Itís never okay to make unauthorized copies of music available to
> others (that is, uploading music) on peer-to-peer systems."

I don't do that either.

You might wanna google 'payola' and read about your much loved RIAA.
> *Only BAD GUYS are involved in music piracy*!

The RIAA has been involved in real piracy for years. Fucking the 
artists over since the 30s or so, actually. Payola! Google it.

Sarcasm, because beating the living shit out of deserving people is