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From: Diesel <>
Subject: Re: [OT] Ubuntu Code of Conduct v2.0
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2017 00:41:04 -0000 (UTC)
Organization: A noiseless patient spider
Lines: 65
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"David B." <DavidB@nomail.afraid.invalid> news:y9TuA.36015$i7.7425
@fx30.fr7 Sun, 05 Mar 2017 12:04:44 GMT in, 

>> I wasn't aware that Malwarebytes was into taking cracking jobs
>> that aren't malware related. 
> It WAS done as a special favor, Dustin. Marcin is another one of my 
> LinkedIn contacts!  ;-)

I'm surprised that you asked Malwarebytes for a special favor to help 
you in your stalking efforts against one of their own, formally. It's 
also surprising to me that they tried to do so. Knowing about you, n 
all. Perhaps the posts/comments I've written concerning how useless 
the newest creation is is causing them financial issues? If so, they 
need only fix the software to recover. I haven't written anything 
about the program which is negative that isn't true. Assisting others 
in attacking me for the purposes of discrediting and/or rumor 
spreading won't help them a bit. Despite what you might think, My 
word still carries weight in the IT world and people do follow the 
advice I give. I'm not surprised they were not able to complete the 
mission for you, though. Especially when you told me who was assigned 
to assist you.

I'm not sure if it's even possible to have less respect for Marcin at 
this point than I did previously. Very unprofessional to be doing you 
any favors concerning an ex employee. Ah well. Not only have they 
become shady as hell concerning the product claims, it seems they 
aren't professional anymore concerning internal company 
information/employee records. Their stock holders are going to hate 
me before this year is done. :) They might want my head before the 
end of summer. LOL!
>> One would think, with all the problems evident in v3 of their
>> software package; they'd be more focused on fixing that. Based on
>> what you've shared concerning Mieke's 'expert' opinion though,
>> they shouldn't even try getting into the cracking business. 
> You might well be right about that. 

Oh, I know. I know a lot more about Mieke than she does me, or you do 
her/me for that matter. :) Unlike them, I'm not going to air dirty 
laundry for your benefit. Enjoy your email correspondence.
>>> That's probably true. However, if YOU can encrypt it, I'm 
>>> confident that the TLA can decrypt it when I send it to them. 
>> You really are an idiot, then. You might wanna google the words
>> and study the subject in a bit more detail if you really think
>> what you wrote. 
> Perhaps the British guys would have more success. What do you
> think, Dustin? Do you REALLY think it's impossible? 

David, google the words I used. Your question indicates that you 
haven't done so, or, you have, but are unable to process the 
information returned. Save me some time and aggravation, come clean. 
Which is it?

Sarcasm, because beating the living shit out of deserving people is