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Subject: Re: Where is TclCurl?
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On Sunday, June 22, 2014 2:50:55 AM UTC+2, Charlie Bursell wrote:
> > Where can one download TclCurl these days?  Preferably a binary, SSL ve=
rsion =20
> I knew about the mirror site.  It is OK for documentation but when I try =
to download either the SSL or non-SSL Windows version I get "Page not found=
> Where were the sources downloaded?

It seems that Andres has not spoken on this newsgroup since Nov 2011, which=
 is bad omen for TclCurl's future. You might try contacting him directly th=

As for workarounds, assuming [exec curl] does not suit your needs, there's =
the TLS extension in synergy with the bundled http package. TLS had some is=
sues in the past, but recent work on the core I/O subsystem by Don and Andr=
eas may have improved the experience. Feedback welcome (IOW: on *this* you'=
re likely to get support).