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From: Adrian Davis <>
Newsgroups: comp.lang.tcl
Subject: ANNOUNCE: GRIDPLUS 2.3 - A Grid Based Screen Building Tool For Tcl/Tk
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 02:30:51 -0700 (PDT)
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GRIDPLUS 2.3 has been released and is available from:

New and Enhanced Features

*) New "-columnformat" option for widget and grid to specify the
   width of the left and right elements of each column. This makes
   it possible to line up labels and widgets in separately created
*) New "-validatepopup" option to enable "pop-up" validation error
*) New "-validateauto" option for widget to determine whether entry
   validations are to be automatic or forced.
*) New "-validate" option for tree and tablelist to invoke entry
   validations when a tree/tablelist node/row is selected.
*) New facility to specify entry validation error messages for
   individual widgets.
*) New "!@" widget option to specify that an entry may be null when
   a validation is specified. For example: "!@int" means entry may
   be null or integer.
*) New "?!" widget option to set pop-up/balloon text to be same as
   validation error message.
*) The "-entrycommand" option can be used to specify an event to be
   generated. This can be used to allow the enter key to "Tab" to
   the next field.
*) The "-entrycommand" can now be set using the option database.
*) New "-fixed" option for widget grid to specify maximum number of
   characters allowed in an entry field.
*) New widget option for entry widgets to allow both display size
   and maximum number of characaters allowed to be specified for
   an individual widget.
*) New "-topmost" option for window to determine whether a toplevel
   window will be the topmost window.
*) New facility to allow accelerator keys for menus.
*) New "-labelanchor" option for grid and layout to determine the
   position of the frame label text.
*) New "Find" option added to text right-click pop-up menu.
*) New "gpfind/gpfind_dialog" commands to perform find operations on
   text widgets.
*) New "gpcut/gpcopy/gppaste/gpclear" commands to perform
   cut/copy/paste/clear operations on text and entry widgets.
*) New Example "Text Editor" application. See:-


*) The "gpmap" modified to map to a dropdown value (which makes
   much more sense!!).
*) The window command mode has been modified so that (for a
   contained window) the windowcommand is invoked when a window
   of the same name already exists.
*) When autogroup facility is in use the initial widget state is set
   to the opposite of the state specified for when the widget is
   modified. For example: If ">mygroup" widget option is specified
   the widget will be created as "disabled".
*) The menu seprator can now be specified using "=" to be consistant
   with grid/layout. The old ("-") method still works.
*) The menu command can now be specified using "~" to be consistant
   with widget. The old (".") method still works.

Bug Fixes

*) Date validations now work for dates prior to 01/01/1970.
*) Text right-click pop-up menu only shows "Copy" when created as
*) "{expand} changed to "{*}" for Tcl8.5b1 and later.
*) Fix problem with validations in contained windows.
*) Notebook tab text now uses message catalogue.
*) The text default font is set to "TkTextFont" to deal with font
   change in recent (production) 8.5 releases.


GRIDPLUS is a package intended to simplify GUI screen layout
development for Tcl/Tk programmers. It is a "Grid" based layout
system which builds on, simplifies and extends the existing grid
manager. GRIDPLUS layouts are defined as a hierarchy of grids.
Each cell in a grid consists of two elements. These will usually be
a text label and some other widget such as an entry. It is also
allowed to have just one element in a cell, or a  cell which is empty.
GRIDPLUS grids can also be stretched to neatly fill the cells in
which they are positioned. While the GRIDPLUS grid can be used
"native", GRIDPLUS commands/options exist to create grids of Buttons,
Checkbuttons, Dropdowns (Comboboxes), Entries,  Menubuttons, Links
and Radiobuttons. All places  where text can be displayed make use of
the TCL message catalogue facility.

In effect GRIDPLUS is much more than an alternative to the grid
geometry manager, it provides most, if not all, of the facilities
required to build complete screens/windows. Although aimed at
producing  data entry/update/display form screens for database
applications, it may be useful for other tasks.

GRIDPLUS also includes the following features:-

*) Scrollable text widget.
*) Scrollable tablelist.
*) Scrollable tree widget.
*) Basic notebook type widget.
*) Simple drop-down menus.
*) Simple method to specify widget traversal order when using the TAB
   key to navigate the screen.
*) A group facility to enable/disable groups of widgets and menu
*) Facility to include non-GRIDPLUS widgets in groups.
*) Simple pattern/procedure based entry validations.
*) Works with toplevel windows.
*) ...and much, much more!!

Best Regards,