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From: (Mats)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.tcl
Subject: ANNOUNCE: tkpath 0.1
Date: 7 Apr 2005 00:18:18 -0700
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ANNOUNCE: tkpath 0.1

This is the first release of the tkpath extension package to Tcl/Tk.
The  package implements path drawing modelled after its SVG counterpart,
see In short, it builds paths from one letter
instructions, M for move to, L for line to etc., and coordinates.
It is very flexible and reproduces all standard drawing canvas items.

Some of its features: opacity, antialiasing, gradient fills, affine
transformations, fill rules. Not all backends support all features.

The code is divided into two parts:

   1) Generic path drawing which also implements the platform specific parts.

   2) A path canvas item.

Part 1 contains the backends that call the actual drawing routines.
There are five (5) backends:

   1) CoreGraphics on MacOSX

   2) GDI on Win32 (lacking opacity and antialiasing)

   3) GDI+ on WinXP. This should also work on older Windows if you install
      the gdiplus.dll (
      I only have Win2000

   4) cairo on unix/linux ( You need to build
      this yourself or find a rpm. If you are worried that this introduces
      a dependency you are right, but I belive that cairo is officially
      a required build library for Gnome and Mono, and will therefore likely
      be included in future linux distros

      It is built using the automake system; the and 
      files are a hack, so please help yourself (and me)

   5) Tk drawing, fallback for cairo mainly, very basic

I have put an example (cat eats bug) at:
Note that the tiger head is _not_ an image; it is drawn by cubic splines
alone using an xml file from
The actual drawing is probably copyrighted by someone. Included in demo.


I just zipped up the cvs which you get from:

It contains builds for 1-4 above (cairo on Linux-x86). Then do:
load tkpath*.(dll|dylib|so)
source library/tkpath.tcl

A bunch of demos are included. Sparse docs.

If anyone is interested in contributing, just tell me your intentions and your
SF username, and I will add you as a developer.

It's current "home" is the tkpath module of
Needless to say, it is likely to be buggy, have memleaks and whatever...

BSD style license.

Enjoy,  Mats

PS: I do this from google so response may be slow...