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Subject: Ann TclCurl 7.16.4
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 00:31:56 +0200
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I have just released a new version of TclCurl updated for
libcurl 7.16.2, with TclCurl you can download and upload
files using protocols like ftp, ftps, tftp, http, https,
scp, sftp, tftp, ldap, telnet, dict and file.

The main changes since the last version are:

    * New configure options:

        * newfileperms: Used to set the permissions, defalt 0664,
          that will be assigned to newly created files on the
          remote server.

        * newdirectoryperms: Used to set the permissions, default
          0755, that will be assigned to newly created directories
          on the remote server.

          They can both be used for SFTP, SCP and FILE transfers.

    * Changed option: The option to set the Kerberos security
      level for FTP is now called 'krblevel', the old name
      'krb4level' will be kept for time for compatibility.

    * New option for multi handles:

        * maxconnects: Sets the maximum amount of simultaneously
          open connections that TclCurl may cache. Default is 10.

    * Bug fix: Sven Hoexter fixed a couple of errors in the man pages.

Since the last TclCurl, there has been many changes in libcurl which 
you can check at: 
For more information, please visit: 
Share the wonders,