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From: Rene Lamontagne <>
Newsgroups: alt.windows7.general,
Subject: Re: Tip: Heads up on M$ Office
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2019 15:21:51 -0600
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On 2019-11-08 1:36 p.m., Frank Slootweg wrote:
> Rene Lamontagne <> wrote:
>> On 2019-11-07 3:09 p.m., T wrote:
>>> On 11/7/19 12:58 PM, Rene Lamontagne wrote:
>>>> On 2019-11-07 2:50 p.m., T wrote:
>>>>> On 11/7/19 12:44 PM, Rene Lamontagne wrote:
>>>>>> On 2019-11-07 2:36 p.m., T wrote:
>>>>>>> On 11/7/19 12:20 PM, Rene Lamontagne wrote:
>>>>>>>> On 2019-11-07 1:20 p.m., T wrote:
>>>>>>>>> On 11/6/19 8:22 AM, Frank Slootweg wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>     If it's really your customers who can't handle change, they
>>>>>>>>>> should get
>>>>>>>>>> out of whatever business they're in.
>>>>>>>>> How would you like it if someone threw an arbitrary switch
>>>>>>>>> on your perfectly functioning car such that it would no
>>>>>>>>> longer run and the reason was that they wanted to sell
>>>>>>>>> you a new car?
>>>>>>>>> Your point would be valid if your car was not running properly.
>>>>>>>>> I really, really do not like selling my customers crap.
>>>>>>>>> In the non-software world, the legal term for such
>>>>>>>>> business practices is "extortion".  Guess M$
>>>>>>>>> is immune for "racketeering" charges too.  Oh please!
>>>>>>>> Funny, (as in deplorable) I, an old Guy of 85 can run and
>>>>>>>> configure Windows 10 and make it run Smooth as butter Yet you, a
>>>>>>>> supposed computer expert can't come to gripes with it but stand
>>>>>>>> there and disparage it for all your worth.
>>>>>>>> No wonder your customers pick on you.
>>>>>>>> Maybe you should forget Windows and stick to your adorable Fedora.
>>>>>>>> Rene
>>>>>>> Hi Rene,
>>>>>>> Funny how you only sample what I write and then write snotty
>>>>>>> shit like this back at me.  I "frequently" expound on ways
>>>>>>> to calm the problems with Windows 10.  Pay attention old man!
>>>>>>> -T
>>>>>> Well then act like a professional and quit biting the hand that
>>>>>> feeds you.
>>>>>> Your customers would appreciate you more.
>>>>>> Rene
>>>>> More snotty shit.  No one is biting their hand.  I hold
>>>>> their hands through the process.  Pay attention old man.
>>>> You missed the point, The hand that feeds you is ultimately Microsoft
>>>> Windows .
>>>>    Try practicing respect for it and don't keep knocking it to your
>>>> customers who may hear of your remarks.
>>>> Rene
>>> Oh I get it.  M$'s crappy quality is responsible for my income.
>>> That is 90% true.  If all my customers were on Linux or Mac OS,
>>> I'd need 10 to 20 times more customers to make a living.
>>> As far as knocking it to my customers, I am brutally
>>> truthful with them. I tell them 10 has all kind of problems,
>>> but there are ways I can calm most of them down for them.
>>> Then I go over their options.  Some even have me disable
>>> the updates.  I do not force anything on my customers.
>>> Most would ditch me if I started lying to them and
>>> repeating M$'s marketing trash to push junk on them.
>>> Oh customer REALLY LIKE being in the twilight zone don't they
>>> There is nothing wrong with the garbage, IT IS ALL YOU.
>>> Great way to build up trust!
>>>       Do not do anything to another you would not want to
>>>       befall yourself.
>>>          --Didache 1:5
>>> Yup.  Lying is a real good idea.
>> I give up, Carry on.
>    It's indeed best if you give up posting "snotty shit", because if you
> continue having the audacity to talk back at him, T might put you in his
> dreaded killfile. Been there, done that, got the *T*-shirt [1].
> [1] Message-ID: <>
> or
> <>

I was actually trying to help him by not treating Windows 10 with 
contempt, even though it does have it's faults, as it really is what 
puts bread and butter on his table.
  I'm sure fedora is OK as Linux goes but it surely is not going to feed 
his family.