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From: "Stefan Vogel" <>
Newsgroups: comp.lang.tcl.announce
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Tgdbm (Version 0.5)
Followup-To: comp.lang.tcl
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 18:21:50 +0000 (UTC)
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I hereby announce Tgdbm and Qgdbm (version 0.5).

    Tgdbm is a wrapper for  the GNU-version of dbm (gdbm) which stores
key/value-pairs in cross-platform-files by using extendible hashing.

    Qgdbm is  build on top of  Tgdbm and provides a  convenient way to
store and retrieve data in an tclish- SQL-like style. Qgdbm is written
in pure Tcl-Code and can be used to store small/medium amounts of data
in table-files.
Qgdbm provides  high-level commands for creating,  dropping tables and
users and for manipulating rows of data (e.g.: insert, delete, ...).

Changes from version 0.4:
    You can  now "attach" an  array-variable to the  gdbm-handle. This
allows persistant tcl-arrays. The Tcl-Array-Commands are used to store
or retrieve entries from a gdbm-file.

A simple example would be:
gdbm_open -writer -sync -array airports test.gdbm
set airports(PAR) Paris ;# will store or update the key/value to test.gdbm

# add/update some more data
array set airports {
  ADD "Addis Abeba"
  FFM "Frankfurt"

# print value (gdbm-file and array is synchronized)
puts "FFM: [airports fetch FFM] / $airports(FFM)"
unset airports          ;# this will close test.gdbm
                        ;# this could have be done with unset airportArray

The distribution contains  a simple gdbm-viewer (tests/demo.tcl) which
uses Dr.  Casa Nemethi's Tablelistwidget  (Thanks to Dr.  Casa Nemethi
for this cool widget).

The distribution (Tgdbm  and windows-port of gdbm 1.8.3)  can be found

This was  a quick  release, so  don't hesitate to  contact me  for any
hints, bugs, improvement. 

Stefan Vogel
stefan dot vogel at avinci dot de

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