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NNTP-Posting-Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2015 12:03:29 -0500
From: Suspicious Sockus <whohee@sockfactory.inv>
Subject: Re: [News] UK teenager sentenced over 'biggest' web attack
Organization: Very Suspect Socks Co. Inc.
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In article <mnvkon$b8j$>,
 "BEI Design" <> wrote:

> ****************************************8
> Andrew Stephens
> 12 hrs ·
> The NANAEites think I am "on the lamb" because of Narko's sentencing 
> to some community service for the 2013 STOPhaus attack on Spamhaus. 
> Narko made over 6 figures in mercenary work and got community 
> service for a non profit protest. I think the teen will be okay with 
> it. He also got a job as a Security Analyst so he just bypassed 
> those 6 years of college and the irritating vouching process in the 
> industry. Thank you Spamhaus for taking care of STOPhaus supporters 
> so well.
> **************************************
> You see, the pastor is smoking young mutton (AKA lamb) in his big 
> honking smoker, 

Pastor Poseur does not realize that the money in Narko's bank account 
was seized by the brit cops. Better yet, Narko got a criminal record 
and lost his £72,000 (about $ 111,600 US) thanks entirely to one 
loudmouth petty crim wannabe called Andrew Jacob Stephens who outed 
Narko's skype account and real name right here on NANAE. There really 
should be an award for the posing Pastor's stupidity.