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From: "Infinity" <>
References: <> <Xns99578ACBE7E1Eemteedee@>
Subject: Re: new server
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 17:50:47 +0200
Lines: 50
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Organization: Cuneo2Lemon Project
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"Mike Dee" <mikedee@emteedee.invalid> ha scritto nel messaggio
> Headers could be better.
> Hmmm... it seems to carry all X-privat groups...
>,, x-privat.test, etc, etc.

Hi people,

I'm Infinity, sysadmin of all * server. Due to many
abuses committed on my server, I have decided to close the posting on within 14 days. But not worried you, because I
will open another open server ( I beg to
adjourn your bookmarkses. Also will be active,
but only as interface web (http://) and it will ask for a free login.
Whoever wants one of them, I beg to send me an email with login and
password, I will handle to create her/it. Roadrunner will have a
politics more narrow for the post, if there will be ABUSE it will
come firewall banned the range /b IP of his/her ISP (ex:
192.168.*.*). No question's, my rules...
There will be besides a lot of novelties, for instance: currently not
*.cuneo2lemon brings the binaries, in the future roadrunner will
perhaps (if there will be enough interested consumers) bring all the
binaries. And it will be possible to also use the newsservers from
IPv6. besides it will be possible to free record him to get an email
protected by SPAM (
I apologize me in advance with whoever it used in permissible way my
server, unfortunately I must defend my servers.

- -- 
Gandolfo "Infinity" Ivo
Abuse Team

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