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Subject: Re: O.T. Missing Folder/files
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Robert in CA wrote:
> I just noticed that when typing my backspace key functions normally but if I am
> on Google and go to Yahoo it won't backspace back to the previous site like it use 
> to. So how can it work when typing but not with websites? 
> Robert

OK, I tried a test here.

So I go Google, then

If the cursor is flashing, such that I'm about to enter
text into the box there on, I'm in text entry mode.

In my drawing here, the letter "I" is located where the I-beam
input cursor is located. If I use the Backspace key
there, it is considered a text editing key for the box.

      |I                      |

Now, if I use the mouse and click outside the box, the
I-beam is no longer in the box. Consequently, I'm not
editing text there. Now, the Backspace key works as
a page navigation key.

      |                       |     X<--- click some white-space away
      +-----------------------+           from the box...

Now, if I type the Backspace key, I go back to the Google page,
which was the web page before I went to .

Give that a try.