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From: (Kenny McCormack)
Subject: trn4: Where are memorized command stored?
Date: Sun, 23 May 2021 21:35:09 -0000 (UTC)
Organization: The official candy of the new Millennium
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Originator: (Kenny McCormack)
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I had an accident with keystrokes (think: cat walked on keyboard) while I
was reading news with trn (version 4).  Somehow, a certain thread got
marked as "memorized", so that whenever I join that particular group, it
gets "selected".  I, of course, want to undo this operation.

tl;dr: I eventually figured out that hitting T then c on that thread would
"de-memorize" it, so problem is solved.  However, ...

I would like to know how/where this command gets stored - so that I could
just edit it out of that file.  I know about killfiles and where they are
stored and frequently end up editing them by hand, so no problem doing that
if needed.  But, here's the thing:

    1) Everything in the man page ("man trn"), says that "memorized"
	commands are stored in the killfile (either the so-called "global"
	killfile or the group-specific killfile).  But this doesn't seem to
	be the case, because...

    2) There was nothing in either killfile that had to do with
	the memorization of this thread.  I can tell this by the access
	date/time on the killfile file and/or by comparing the file (via
	the "diff" utility) to a previous version of it.  I can state with
	pretty close to total certainty, that there's nothing in either
	file having to do with this memorization stuff.

So, it must be stored somewhere else.  Where?

P.S.  I suspect that something got changed in the software and the docs
(the man page) was not updated.  So, they are out of sync.

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