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From: Maximus <maximus@colosseum.rome>
Newsgroups: alt.atheism
Subject: Re: It Happened Long Ago
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2022 11:19:21 +1000
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On 22/07/2022 12:24 am, Andrew wrote:
> "Maximus" wrote in message
>> Andrew wrote:
>>> "Maximus" wrote:
>>>> Andrew wrote:
>>>>> "Mitchell Holman" wrote:
>>>>>> "Andrew" wrote:
>>>>>>> "Michelle Malkin" wrote:
>>>>>>>> Michelle Malkin wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Andrew wrote: > This is what happened: > > "In the six 
>>>>>>>>> hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second > month, the 
>>>>>>>>> seventeenth day of the month, on that day > all the fountains 
>>>>>>>>> of the great deep were broken up, and > the windows of heaven 
>>>>>>>>> were opened. And the rain was > on the earth forty days and 
>>>>>>>>> forty nights. > > "Now the flood was on the earth forty days. 
>>>>>>>>> The waters > increased and lifted up the ark, and it rose high 
>>>>>>>>> above > the earth. The waters prevailed and greatly increased 
>>>>>>>>> on > the earth, and the ark moved about on the surface of the 
>>>>>>>>> > waters. And the waters prevailed exceedingly on the > earth, 
>>>>>>>>> and all the high hills under the whole heaven were > covered. 
>>>>>>>>> > > "And all flesh died that moved on the earth: birds and > 
>>>>>>>>> cattle and beasts and every creeping thing that creeps on > 
>>>>>>>>> the earth, and every man. All in whose nostrils was the > 
>>>>>>>>> breath of the spirit of life, all that was on the dry land, > 
>>>>>>>>> died. > > "So He destroyed all living things which were on the 
>>>>>>>>> > face of the ground: both man and cattle, creeping thing > 
>>>>>>>>> and bird of the air. They were destroyed from the earth. > > 
>>>>>>>>> "Only Noah and those who were with him in the ark > remained 
>>>>>>>>> alive. And the waters prevailed on the earth > one hundred and 
>>>>>>>>> fifty days." ~ From Genesis 7 > > For evidence just look at 
>>>>>>>>> all the fossils we find all > over the planet! > > They were 
>>>>>>>>> buried suddenly and catastrophically > in sedimentary material.
>>>>>>>>> This is not true, since the fossils have been found in different
>>>>>>>>> layers/strata from different times. Stop showing what a fool you
>>>>>>>>> are. Please study basic geology and paleontology.
>>>>>>>>> > And remain as mute witnesses to the Event.
>>>>>>>>> Only to fools who refuse to study any kind of geology and 
>>>>>>>>> paleontology. 
>>>>>>> Living things do not normally fossilize when they die.
>>>>>>> Worldwide fossils with large fossil graveyards speak
>>>>>>> to us of the worldwide event that I wrote about above.
>>>>>> Why no flood fossils in the Caribbean?
>>>>> Rather why ruins of antediluvian cities in the Caribbean?
>>>>>> Why no flood fossils in the Pacific Islands?
>>>>> Most are of post flood volcanic origin.
>>>>>> Why no flood fossils even where Ye Ark landed, Mt Ararat?
>>>>> The Ark itself is evidence.
>>>> have fun explaining the continuous existence of
>>>> civilizations that predate the flood
>>> The flood event has been incorporated into the ancient characters. 
>>> China is post flood.
>> I didn't bother to read all that. the bottom line.. there may have 
>> been a gigantic flood, 
> Just go with the evidence. Evidence says it happened.

wrong. the evidence says it didn't happen. there never was a flood that 
covered the entire earth, and killed ever living thing except those on 
the Ark, except there never was an Ark, it's a logistic impossibility. 
of course, you're free to believe what you wish. however, the reality is 
that your belief defies fact, reality, and truth.

>> there may have been an Ark. 
> Yes.
>> but that the Ark contained two of every living creature 
> "two of each kind" was all that was required to repopulate
> the Earth.
>> and all humanity was drowned except for some guy called Noah and his 
>> family from whom all current generations have descended is pure fantasy.
> I understand it is different than what you have been told.