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From: "bs" <>
Newsgroups: comp.lang.tcl
Subject: ANNOUNCE: pgtcl 1.5 beta 1 release
Date: 24 Apr 2005 15:36:59 -0700
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This is the first beta release of Pgtcl 1.5, also known as libpgtcl, a
package that adds PostgreSQL client extensions to the Tcl programming
language. Pgtcl 1.5 has some bug fixes and many new features. There is
also updated documentation and a test suite.

For more information and pre-compiled windows DLLs, go to:

NOTE: pgtcl is in the transition of moving to,
so if the above link does not work correctly, check with

Pgtcl was tested on WindowsXP, Windows 2000, Linux (SuSE 9.1), and
FreeBSD. It was tested against PG databases running version 7.3, 7.4,
and 8.0. Note however, that this release does not contain any new
client features that were introduced with PG 8.0.

New features:

o Proper Tcl namespace support, in the ::pg namespace

o Connection and result handles can be used as commands.

o -dict option in pg_result (experimental, since the Tcl dictionary API
could possible change). Requires Tcl 8.5 or the dict extension

o New -connhandle option to pg_connect. Gives the user the ability to
name the connection handle.

o New -connlist option to pg_connect. Another alternative to passing
the connection parameters, using a Tcl name/value list.

o New pg_dbinfo command

o New escape commands: pg_escape_string, pg_escape_bytea,

o Test suite, which covers common scenarios. Is not near exhaustive
yet. Based on tcltest.

o updated documentation

o Helper procs in the playpen directory

Please visit the pgtcl project home page and
for more detail information.