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Subject: [ANN] Critcl 3.1.4, Location Change
From: Andreas Kupries <>
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First, Jean-Claude decided to officially transfer the project to me,
given that I have pretty much become the main maintainer for it.

This means that critcl is now officially located at

The old locations at

now contain references to the new location (click through).

That being said, critcl 3.1.4 and critl::class 1.0.5 are now released
and up for download at the above location. The changes are:


*       Fixed bug in Config breaking usage on win64.


*       Fixed typo (wrong command name) in the documentation.

*       Fixed problem where creating a critcl::class without class
        variables causes the generation of an empty C structure,
        something a number of compilers are not able to handle.


*	Put Trf binaries into the downloadable executables
        (.exe win32 starpacks) to make md5 fast.

So long,
	Andreas Kupries <>
	Developer @	<>

Tcl'2013, Sep 23-27, New Orleans, LA, USA.
EuroTcl'2013, Jul 6-7, Munich, GER