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Subject: [ANN] Critcl 3.1.11 Released
From: Andreas Kupries <>
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Welcome to the _C Runtime In Tcl_, _CriTcl_ for short, a system to
build C extension packages for Tcl on the fly, from C code embedded
within Tcl scripts, for all who wish to make their code go faster.

    (Downloads, Documentation, etc.)



Changes for version 3.1.11

    [1] Fixed issue #37, via pull request #38, with thanks to Jos
        DeCoster.  Information was stored into the v::delproc and
        v::clientdata arrays using a different key than when
        retrieving the same information, thus failing the latter.

    [2] New convenience command critcl::include for easy inclusion of
        headers and other C files.

    [3] New command critcl::make to generate a local header or other C
        files for use by other parts of a package through inclusion.

    [4] New utility package *critcl::literals* for quick and easy
        setup of and access to pools of fixed Tcl_Obj* strings. Built
        on top of *critcl::iassoc*.

    [5] New utility package *critcl::bitmap* for quick and easy setup
        and use of mappings between C bitsets and Tcl lists whose
        string elements represent that set. Built on top of

So long,
	Andreas Kupries <>
	Developer @	<>

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