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Subject: [ANN] critcl 3.1.10
From: Andreas Kupries <>
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Welcome to the C Runtime In Tcl, CriTcl for short, a system to build C
extension packages for Tcl on the fly, from C code embedded within Tcl
scripts, for all who wish to make their code go faster.

It can be found at

Changes since 3.1.9:

   1. Fixed code version numbering forgotten with 3.1.9.

   2. Fixed issue #35. In package mode (-pkg) the object cache
      directory is unique to the process, thus we do not need
      content-hashing to generate unique file names. A simple counter
      is sufficient and much faster.

      Note that mode "compile & run" is not as blessed and still uses
      content-hasing with md5 to ensure unique file names in its
      per-user object cache.

   3. Fixed issue where the ccommand forgot to use its body as input
      for the UUID generation. Thus ignoring changes to it in mode
      compile & run, and not rebuilding a library for changed
      sources. Bug and fix reported by Peter Spjuth.

So long,
	Andreas Kupries <>
	Developer @	<>

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