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Subject: [ANN] critcl 3.0.1
From: Andreas Kupries <>
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To be found at

This is mainly a bugfix release of critcl.

**	Fixed recording of Tcl version requirements. Keep package name
        and version together, unbreaking generated meta data and
        generated package load command.

**	Fixed the build scripts: When installing, or wrapping for TEA,
        generate any missing directories

**	Modified the build scripts to properly exit the application
        when the window of their GUI is closed through the (X) button.

**	Removed an 8.5-ism (open wb) which had slipped into the main
        build script.

**	Modified the example build scripts to separate the output for
        the different examples (and packages) by adding empty lines.

**	stack::c example bugfix: Include API declarations for use in
        the companion files.

**	Extended the documentation: Noted the need for a working
        installation of a C compiler.

**	Extended the Windows target definitions and code to handle the
        manifest files used by modern MS development
        environments. Note that this code handles both possibilities,
        environment using manifests, and (old(er)) environments

**	Extended the Windows 64bit target definitions and code to
        auto-detect the need for the helper library
        "bufferoverflowU.lib" and reconfigure the compile and link
        commands appropriately. We assume that the library must be
        linked when present. This should be no harm if the library is
        present, yet not needed. Just superfluous. We search for the
        library in the paths specified by the environment variable

So long,
	Andreas Kupries <>
	Developer @	<>
	18'th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference:  2011, Manassas, VA USA