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Subject: [ANN] Critcl 3.1.6
From: Andreas Kupries <>
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Welcome to the C Runtime In Tcl, CriTcl for short, a system to build C
extension packages for Tcl on the fly, from C code embedded within Tcl
scripts, for all who wish to make their code go faster.

It can be found at

A few things have happened since the last announcement (3.1.4):

Changes for version 3.1.5

   1. Fixed issue #19. Made the regular expression extracting the MSVC
      version number more general to make it work on german language
      systems. This may have to be revisited in the future, for other
      Windows locales.

   2. Fixed issue #20. Made option -tea work on windows, at least in a
      unix emulation environment like msys/mingw.

Changes for version 3.1.6

   1. Fixed issue #21. While the multi-definition of the stub-table
      pointer variables was ok with for all the C linkers seen so far
      C++ linkers did not like this at all. Reworked the code to
      ensure that this set of variables is generated only once, in the
      wrapper around all the pieces to assemble.

   2. Fixed issue #22, the handling of the command identifier
      arguments of critcl::ccommand, critcl::cproc, and
      critcl::cdata. We now properly allow any Tcl identifier and
      generate proper internal C identifiers from them.

      As part of this the signature of command critcl::name2c
      changed. The command now delivers a list of four values instead
      of three. The new value was added at the end.

      Further adapted the implementation of package critcl::class, a
      user of critcl::name2c. This package is now at version 1.0.6 and
      requires critcl 3.1.6

   3. Fixed issue #23. Added a critcl-platform package (equivalent to
      platform 1.0.11) to be used in environments where platform is
      not available (Tcl 8.4.19 or earlier, except ActiveTcl 8.4.19,
      which has it).

So long,
	Andreas Kupries <>
	Developer @	<>

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