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Subject: [ANN] Critcl 3.1.9
From: Andreas Kupries <>
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Welcome to the C Runtime In Tcl, CriTcl for short, a system to build C
extension packages for Tcl on the fly, from C code embedded within Tcl
scripts, for all who wish to make their code go faster.

It can be found at

Changes since 3.1.8:

   1. Fixed issue #27. Added missing platform definitions for various
      alternate linux and OS X targets.

   2. Fixed issue #28. Added missing -mXX flags for linking at the
      linux-{32,64}-* targets.

   3. Fixed issue #29. Replaced the use of raw "cheaders" information
      in the processing of "cdefines" with the proper include
      directives derived from it.

   4. Fixed the issue behind rejected pull request #30 by Andrew
      Shadura. Dynamically extract the stubs variable declarations
      from the Tcl header files and generate matching variable
      definitions for use in the package code. The generated code will
      now be always consistent with the headers, even when critcl's
      own copy of them is replaced by system headers.

   5. Fixed issue #31. Accepted patch by Andrew Shadura, with changes
      (comments), for easier integration of critcl with OS package
      systems, replacing critcl's copies of Tcl headers with their

   6. Fixed issue #32. Merged pull request by Andrew Shadura. Various
      typos in documentation and comments.

   7. Fixed issue #33. Handle files starting with a dot better.

So long,
	Andreas Kupries <>
	Developer @	<>

Tcl'2013, Sep 23-27, New Orleans, LA, USA.
EuroTcl'2013, Jul 6-7, Munich, GER