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From: "Luu Tran" <>
Subject: Re: Is NewsXpress officially dead yet?
Date: 1998/08/19
Message-ID: <>
References: <6r768s$>
Organization: Daedalus, Inc.

"Dima Klenchin" wrote in 

> After all these years, still not a single word on development.
> Got to the point where there are no messages concerning 
> NX in the group... What a f*#&*@$ shame!
>         - Dima

Ken Ng has moved on to bigger and better things.  I don't know if he can 
even be reached at the same e-mail address.

This may or may not be the answer to your wishes, but you can check out a 
newsreader I've written to replace NX (also my favorite) for my own use.  
It has similar looks and feels to NX and has score file and binaries 
decoding.  Basically I implemented features I like, add some I want to see 
in NX, and left out those I never or rarely use.  You can d/l the file here  (~450K)

There's a screen shot here

It's freeware, use at your own risk, etc etc.

Please remove the underscore _ in my address when replying by email